What To Know When Selling An Empty House In Utah

Selling an empty house is a lot different than selling a fully furnished one. The buyer is going to get a much different idea when visiting the property. Instead of seeing the house fully fitted, they will have to use their own imagination to see where everything will go. 

This can have implications (good or bad) for the sale of the property. In addition, there are other concerns to attend to when selling an empty house in Utah. Selling a property is difficult enough without furniture to add to the appeal.

A Guide To Selling An Empty House

Somone Selling A Vacant House In Salt Lake City Utah

Issues When Selling a Vacant House

There are some dangers when selling an empty house. First, you need to keep the house in good working condition. Because nobody is living in it, the vacant house might be susceptible to mold. It will have a lack of ventilation and heating, meaning damp could also set in. A small leak or an air conditioning malfunction could result in costly water damage. 

Bad weather can also damage the empty house, as could a simple lack of usage. You need to ensure that all of the essential functions are in working condition – water, heating, lights, hinges, handles, etc. It’s easier for these things to become broken from misuse when nobody is occupying the house.  

Trespassing is another problem – a vacant house could easily attract lots of unwanted attention. If a squatter resides there for a long time period, it could result in a costly legal dispute as well as general damage to the property. 

You can offset all of these problems simply by visiting the house periodically and making sure everything is in working order. Basic neglect is the main concern. Houses that are lived in have a certain feel about them and function better. If you are not in the area, get a friend to visit the house once in a while to ensure everything is running smoothly. 

Selling in Utah Step by Step

When selling a vacant house in Utah, there are some practical steps you need to take. The first is to do some research and see what you think your house will be worth. Zillow, Eppraisal, and Chase House Estimator are great online tools to give you a general idea. 

This will assist you to come up with the right selling price and to avoid making costly mistakes. You also want to research what similar homes in Utah are selling for. See the average price local houses in your area are selling and what their attributes are. If the houses are similar, it should give you a reliable ballpark figure. 

The next step is making the house as appealing as possible. Repair all of the essentials such as heating, electricity, water, doors, floors, lights, etc. This will help you to come up with a good asking price. Even though the house is being sold vacant, it might be a good idea to put in some choice furniture, such as lighting and maybe even a bed frame.

These are the essential steps. After this, you can sell yourself, use a local real estate service, contact an agent, or use a discount brokerage to finalize the process. The way you choose to sell your property will have vastly different implications in terms of the price, time of sale, and personal effort involved. 

Mistakes to Avoid

To reduce your liability when selling a vacant house, the idea is that you sell it as quickly as possible. The longer you wait, the more the house will fall into disrepair. At the very least, ensure that you:

  • Forgetting The Appraisal- By having your house appraised by a reputable third party, you will have fewer issues with negotiations. Otherwise, buyers will try to get a lower price and won’t trust your personal opinion (which is quite reasonable, all things considered).
  • Forgetting Repair Estimates– Selling a vacant house often comes with numerous repair obligations. Everything has to be functioning correctly at the time of display. Nothing is as disappointing as viewing a house with no working electricity, water, or heating. Get multiple repair quotes so you have the figures at hand to disclose when selling. 
  • Leaving The Utilities Off – Even if the house is being sold vacant, you still need to make it as comfortable as possible. If there are no utilities, it might give the impression that the house needs more repairs than it actually does. It’s also useful to mildly furnish the house where possible and ensure it is fully cleaned.  

There are some more general items to be aware of when selling a house. If this is your first sale, you have to learn to keep your emotions in check. It’s best to start thinking of yourself as a business person as opposed to a homeowner. The potential buyers will not have the same sentimental attachments as you do to the property, 

Another common mistake is to price the house too highly in the first place. Incorrectly priced houses do not sell (unless there is a housing bubble, where all houses are incorrectly priced). If the price is too high, there won’t be any interest in the property. The potential buyer will see similar houses for less – why would he/she purchase yours? 

a vacant house for sale in salt lake city utah

Selling a Vacant House – Easy Solutions

One of the easiest solutions to selling an empty house in Utah is to use a local home buying company like Axess Home Buyers. This will remove all of the common mistakes typically made when selling a house. The house can be sold in any condition, the buyer has the money at hand, and there is no need for an agent. 

Using an agent is the most common route, but this often takes a lot of time and money. The house has to be listed, repaired, and a buyer found. This can take months and even years, and there is no guarantee that your house is going to be prioritized. Houses are typically bundled together, and about 6% of the total sales price of the house is lost to real estate agents.  

But with a local real estate buyer, there is no listing, no repairs, and no extensive fees. These buyers are more comfortable when buying vacant houses, as they are experts at repairing and renovation. With a typical buyer, you would need to ‘paint’ them a picture of what the house would look like if it sold. This is where furniture can often make a difference. 

Repairing a house and selling it can have an enormous mental burden on sellers. Even with all of the best endeavors, it can remain on the market for longer than a year. Along with the mental stress are the common fees associated with real estate agents. Other solutions are available and it should not be such a chore. 

You Have Options

Selling a vacant house in Utah is more difficult than selling a furnished one. This is because people will find it hard to imagine what the house will look like with furniture. In addition, the vacant house is easier to fall into disrepair as there is nobody living there. 

To offset this, one of the most efficient solutions is to use a cash home buyer. This way, you will avoid all repairs, avoid costly third party fees, and take advantage of an incredibly fast transaction process.  

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