What Others Say…

It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. So, check out what others have said about us. Here’s just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said.

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“Everything went pretty smooth and enjoyed the experience.” – Lawrence 

“I had a really good experience… He’s a really honest person.” – Mario

“He made it possible for us to move forward with our lives…” – Nathan & BJ

I needed to move,and sold my house fast as-is #relocatingmyhouse #sellmyhousefast #sellmyhouseinutah
Axess Home Buyers - Sell quickly Review
Axess Home Buyers - Seller Finance Review

“My realtor was taking way too long to get my house sold…” – Clayton

“I would highly recommend the Axess Home Buyers” – Michael

“He was absolutely amazing to work with” – Tricia

Axess Home Buyers
I sold my house fast
I sold my home really fast

“Very compassionate and very professional.” – Jeff Beaudry

“Mike purchased our home, and it was quick, easy.” – Sue & Julie

“It has been a wonderful experience Mike’s been great.” – Tamera

My sister passed away and he was kind enough to buy her home, West Valley City
Sold my house fast
I purchased my home with Seller Finance option

“We really enjoyed working with Mike.”

“He made everything very easy and quick and delightful.” – Brenda Wallace

“I would recommend these people to anyone.” – Vicky & Neal Blake

I sold my mobile home fast
I sold my House fast
We sold our house really fast

“It went well. Good.” – Bob

“Mike stuck by his guns, and, yes, he’s very honest.” – Joe

“He made it WorryFree.” – Brenda

I sold My home as is
We just purchased his house today
He has done a really excellent job buying my house.

“He’s been super easy to work with.” – Bridget Pike

“I had a very good, positive experience.” – Carol

“”His people take care of everything.” – Gordon & Trudy

I just sold my home
How I sold my house fast
Sold my house fast, needs work, moving out

“I would give him a five star review.” – MH Seller

“We worked together.” – Ray Nice

“He got them taken care of quite quickly, efficiently.” – Shayla


“You can’t go wrong if you work with Mike.” – Shirley

“It’s amazing what you can do. – Greg

“Mike, you’re amazing.” – Brandon Anderson

I SOLD MY HOUSE Really fast

“He’s helped me get out of debt and pay off.” – Theresa Bellucoi

He's helped me get out of debt and pay off

“…the burden I had felt is now a forgotten memory.”

“I became aware of Mike and his company at a time when I was trying to sell a rental property. The tenants were several months behind with the rent. The mortgage on the property was causing a major strain on my personal budget. Mike was able to collect the back rent for me and made the mortgage payments until he could get my rental property sold. His efforts made a big difference for me in being able to feel that I could move forward with the sale of my personal residence and move into a new home. Without having to worry about the rental property being a burden on my personal finances. I am very grateful for all that Mike did to get me free and clear of the burden I had felt with my rental property. Because of all that Mike was able to accomplish in an honest and upright manner, the burden I had felt is now a forgotten memory. Thanks, Mike!”

- Alan H.

The value you get from Axess Home Buyers property is VERY HIGH.”

FANTASTIC! Mike and his team are conscious about what is best not just for his business but for his clients as well. Mike treats his clients, employees, and partners with respect and honesty. The value you get from Axess Home Buyers property is VERY HIGH. Quality construction and materials and levels of care that is unmatched. Mike and his company are fantastic and I will continue to tell everyone I know that you can do business with him and never worry. Thanks, Mike!”

- Jon B.